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If you are looking for a share in the billions traded daily, then you should consider investing in the stock markets with Mubasher Capital!


Invest through Mubasher in the blue-chip companies, which have a proven track record, deliver strong returns, pay dividends and increase the payout regularly.

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U.S. Exchange-listed stocks, ETFs, and options 

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APPLE, AMZON, Netflix, Google, UBER, Aramco, and more

Why choose Mubasher Capital for stock trading

  1. No subscription or platform fees – Get access to any of our trading platforms, streaming news, and expert research without an additional fee. 
  3. Intelligent order routing – Enter stock orders ,route your order quickly to pursue execution at the best available price.
  5. Powerful stock trading platforms – Use our Mubasher Trade Pro or MTplus to help you reach your full trading potential.
  7. Free independent research – Gain market insight and ideas from third-party market gurus and in-house research team

In-depth ETF Trading


ETFs allow you to invest in a sector, industry, index, or even a country. Hedge or partially offset risk in your portfolio.

With Mubasher Capita platform, combining the diversification of mutual funds, and the liquidity of stock trading, ETFs can be a low-cost approach that offers a variety of benefits

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