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Asset Management

Mubasher Capital sets higher standards for Asset Management strategies, making us your elite choice for asset and wealth management. We focus on generating long-term value by developing, acquiring, and managing a diverse portfolio of assets. Plan your retirement with our experts to secure your investments and achieve your financial goals. Asset management is the key to unlocking future wealth!

Mubasher Capital manages various asset classes such as Equities, Bonds, Investment Funds, Private Portfolio Management, Real Estate Funds, and Private Equity. We adhere to professional standards, listen to your financial needs, and profile your risk tolerance to offer you a tailored plan to reach your financial goals.

Global Portfolio Services & Solutions

Our Investment Philosophy​

Asset Class Expectations

Empirical data shows that asset allocation; decisions account for over 90% of returns, while stock selection accounts for less than 6%.

Our proprietary forward-looking research methodology generates expectations for asset class risk and return, both in the short term and the long term.

We identify overvalued and undervalued opportunities as inputs into portfolio construction, and leverage leading indicators and AI to spot opportunities and risks before the market.

GCC Market Asset Management

Proposed Investment Strategies include Dividends Investing Strategy, Sukuk Investment Strategy, and Active Management Strategy.

Our Sukuk Strategy is Sharia-compliant, with maturities up to 3 years, semi-annual coupons, and a return on investment up to 8%.

GCC Blue-Chip Portfolio offers an access to Mubasher GCC pool of more than 300 dividend paying companies, large and mid-cap. It targets “capital gains and quarterly cash dividend, 16% quotes annually”.

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