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For over 20 years in FinTech Industry, we have been helping clients reach their investment goals and select the optimal strategy to maximize their assets.

Ehab Rashad

CEO of Mubasher Financial Services


Leading financial Corporate In MENA Region

At Mubasher Capital

your investment options go far beyond the traditional and old methods of investment such as the certificates of deposit or saving accounts

Investments options

We provide different investment alternatives to increase your income and protect your capital for taking giant strides toward the future!

Portfolio Performance

Maximum Profits With top Safety

Mubasher Capital is where successful investment begins! It’s your gateway toward a rewarding future that is one step away from you, all you have to do is step up now.

Multi Markets & Assets

Stocks, Derivates, Options, CFDs, Equities.

Comprehensive Content

Mubasher has built and integrated cutting edge research, monitoring and analysis tools into our platforms. Our team of analysts collects data from stock exchanges and the listed companies

Single Account

Create one single account to access to all Markets.

24/7 Live Support

We are here for you all the 7 days when markets are open. Choose the way you want to interact with our service center.

Awarded Trading Platforms

Trade as you wait for the flight at the airport with Mubasher Capital multi-platform applications

Safety and Security

Mubasher Financial Services is a trusted name in brokerage and is fully committed to the protection of its clients’ funds. are safe.

Mubasher is the Middle East Region’s leading brokerage services provider.

Mubasher provides multi-market, multi-asset class trading via award winning technology platforms and customer service.  Since its inception in 2006, Mubasher has always been on the forefront of trading technology innovation with many pioneering initiatives.

Mubasher Financial Services was founded in 2006 and regulated by Central Bank of Bahrain as a Category 1 Investment Business Firm.  Mubasher takes pride in specializing in both retail and institutional space serving a diverse customer base.

Mubasher has emerged as the most sought-after single counter-party to large regional institutions trading the region and global markets as well as large global institutions trading the region.

Mubasher Milestones

The official launching of Mubasher Market Data Screen

The official launching of the colossal portal “

The official launching of Mubasher Headquarter In UAE

The establishment of the investment company in Bahrain “Mubasher Capital.

The official launching of Mubasher Trade in Egypt

Mubasher has provided an “Asset Management” service in Egypt for the traders and over time, the volume of these services has significantly increased

Mubasher expanded the Global Trading Network. 

The official launch for Mubasher DU