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Mubasher Capital is the leading brokerage services provider in the Middle East Region. Mubasher provides multi-market, multi-asset class trading via award-winning technology platforms and customer service. Since its inception in 2006, Mubasher has always been at the forefront of trading technology innovation with many pioneering initiatives.
Considered to be one of the few full fledge financial companies working in numerous financial sectors like Assets management, Regional Stock markets, Global Markets, Fixed Income and Derivatives.

Our expert team that will always support our clients to reach their investment goals.


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At Mubasher Capital

Your investment options go far beyond the traditional and old methods of investment .

Investments options

We provide different investment alternatives to increase your income and protect your capital for taking giant strides toward the future!

Maximum Profits With top Safety

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A World of investments at your fingertip!

For over 20 years in FinTech Industry, we have been helping clients reach their investment goals and select the optimal strategy to maximize their assets.

Ehab Rashad

CEO of Mubasher Financial Services