Mubasher Capital

How to Fund

As a preferred deposit option to your trading account, MubasherTrade has mandated that funds to your account be paid by wire transfer to the displayed MubasherTrade Bank accounts clearly mentioning your MubasherTrade account details with the remittance information. Please note that henceforth MubasherTrade does not accept cash deposits to its Bank accounts due to regulations that prohibit such deposits. Further, in case you wish to pay by cheque favouring MubasherTrade we request you to kindly contact us.

How to place your Deposit Notification

Please follow the steps below in order to place a deposit notification through Mubasher platforms:

► Using the mobile application (MTrade Plus Global):
  • STEP 1: After logging into your account; click ‘more’.

Select trading account and then Select ‘Requests’.

  • STEP : Select ‘Deposits’ and fill out the following data:

⇒To which portfolio
⇒Set payment method to bank
⇒Amount transferred
⇒Originating bank (client’s bank)
⇒Destination Bank (HSBC BANK)
⇒Bank account number. To confirm which bank account please click HERE.

  • STEP 3: Once you click ‘Deposit’ your request will be sent to Operations. You will be notified by email and SMS once we receive the amount.
► Through the website (Rubix):
  • STEP 1 : Click on the ‘Trading account’ and choose ‘Requests’:
  • STEP 2 : Click on ‘Deposits’ from the tabs
  • STEP 3: Enter/select:

⇒From which portfolio (BHD, SAR, USD, etc.)
⇒Origination bank (client’s bank)
⇒Destination bank (HSBC BANK)
⇒Set the payment method to Bank
⇒The amount transferred
⇒The bank branch (optional)
⇒The bank account number. To confirm please CLICK HERE.
⇒Deposit date
⇒Bank address (optional)
⇒Notes (optional)


  • STEP 4: Click ‘Deposit’
► Using Mubasher Pro (Desktop):
  • STEP 1: After logging into your account; click ‘My Account’.
    Then Select ‘Deposit Request’:
  • STEP 2 : Enter/Select:

⇒To which portfolio
⇒Originating bank (client’s bank)
⇒Bank address
⇒Reference number
⇒Amount transferred

  • STEP 3: Click ‘Deposit’: