Mubasher Capital

US Options Market

A professional investment strategy to maximize your profits, only using a small deposit.

Who said you need a huge fund to start a successful investment? There is a reason why the US Options Market is better than other financial products, seeing how you can make strong financial leverage with only a small amount of money.

Contracts known as options give their holder the choice to buy or sell a specified amount of an underlying asset, at a predetermined price at or before the contract expiration date. Options can be purchased with brokerage investing accounts, just like the majority of other asset classes.

Winning is guaranteed when you know the rules of the game by heart! Below, Mubasher Capital will enlighten you with the rules.

Options have great power because they can improve a person’s portfolio. They accomplish this through leverage, protection, and even more income. There is usually an option scenario suitable for an investor’s goal, depending on the circumstances. An example that is frequently used is hedging against a declining stock market with options to prevent further losses.

Quick Facts:

  1. 1.Options give traders the right to buy or sell shares at a fixed price by pre-scheduled expiration date
  2. 2. Contract Buyer has the option to buy or sell a specific stock at a certain price during a specific period.
  3. 3. Contract seller/contract issuer is obligated to implement the agreement, by selling the shares to the contract buyer or buying the shares from the contract buyer.
  4. 4. Each option contract consists of 100 stocks, giving each stock a paid deposit. For example: When the contract price is $1.50, you will pay $150 to own one contract.